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Covid-19 test Hospital In Chittagong
Ever since this greatest pandemic hit, a slight illness or feverish feeling causes panic. Test for Covid-19 has become very important for having assurance or taking precautionary measures. The covid-19 test is also required for traveling abroad, joining the workforce, or before major surgery. Reliable and faster results, as well as location proximity, are important factors to consider before choosing a Covid-19 test center.

Types of tests in Chittagong:
There are 3 types of tests for Covid-19: PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test, Antigen test (commonly known as a rapid test), and antibody test. PCR and antigen tests are the most commonly used testing methods for Covid19. For the test sample, a swab from the nasopharyngeal region is taken. In a PCR test, the sample is used to transform the RNA of the virus to obtain DNA and make a million copies of it in a lab in order to make a clear observation. In case of rapid test, the sample is inspected to identify pathogens. The PCR test is considered to give a more accurate result.

Common symptoms of Covid19 that recommends testing:
Breathing difficulty
Tiredness or fatigue
Sore throat
Muscle pain
Body pain
Loss of taste or smell
Sudden state of confusion

Some patients are asymptomatic and do not show symptoms, however, they can act as a carrier of the virus. Hence, it is recommended to take proper safety measures and comply with the health guidelines of the CDC.

Testing phases:
There are three phases for a Covid19 test: collection, extraction, and test for pathogens. The overall process takes around 3 days depending on the type of test and the availability of the testing equipment.

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National Hospital

National Hospital Chattagram (Pvt.) Ltd Is the Best Private Hospital In Chittagong. is one of the largest and renowned Private Hospitals (150 Bedded) in Chittagong, at 14/15, Mehedibag, Chittagong, to provide better Health Care to the patients. Forgiving better treatment and Nursing care, its reputation is increasing day by day. National Hospital is committed to providing quality, prompt and specialized service to our all patients. National Hospital Chattagram (Pvt.) Ltd. brought a revolutionary change in the treatment system. It's a most modern Self Contained General Hospital in Chittagong.

ADDRESS: 14/15 Mehedibug, Chittagong, Bangladesh
Web: www.nationalhospitalctg.com
Work Time: 24 Hours 7 Days

Hospital: 031-627914
Lab: 031-623713


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National Hospital


ADDRESS: 14/15 Mehedibug, Chittagong, Bangladesh
Web: www.ctgnhc.com

Work Time

24 Hours 7 Days


Hospital: 031-627913
Lab: 031-623713

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